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May I Write of Heroes – #4: Scout Unit 11

This one starts and ends a little differently. But hang in there, it does go somewhere.

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Story Ten – Rock On

Well, this is different… Wait… AM I BINTY?!?! DID YOU USE MY CHILDHOOD?!?!

A super-nova’s heat had no effect on its poly-alloy skin. The weight of the world, a popular metaphor no longer symbolic, was no problem for the remarkably small synthetic body. This creature was the most devastating, powerful, invulnerable being in existence. It had the potential to destroy worlds and coalesce new solar systems into existence.

Binty, this artificial child, sitting in the middle of a field, crying lubricant tears over a shattered stone, was the greatest invention of Dr Eeveet.

Tri had a hard time believing it.

He knelt down, still too tall to comfortably interact with the little thing. His acute fingertips surrounded the pieces of mineral being held up with a trembling palm. Read the rest of this entry