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May I Write of Heroes – #4: Scout Unit 11

This one starts and ends a little differently. But hang in there, it does go somewhere.

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May I Write of Heroes

Well, well, well… Here we are again. It’s MAY. It’s StoryADay! And I’m late, as usual.

The point is that I’m doing it.

I like doing themed collections. Last year, I wrote of death. I wrote nearly 70,000 words of death in 30 days. This year, I will write of heroes. No, I’m not going to go all heavy handed and write thirty stories about real heroes from everyday life. I’m a comic book geek… and because I’m doing the writing (and not you), I am going to write about what I want!

I have created a fictional world called Hypostatica. What this world is about and how heroes are incorporated will be shown in the writing.

My goal: To write 30 stories by the end of this month… not necessarily one per day, but averaged out, I should be good. I have no length goal. Things are getting pretty real in other areas of my life and… wait… why am I rationalizing to you? For that matter, why am I personifying the not-a-single-person who is reading this?

Wow, I’ve invalidated my entire life with that last sentence, so I’ll act like I never wrote it! Yay ignorance!

Keep watching…er…reading… er… not reading? Ah, hell. My stories are coming soon. I’m out.




My wife has just informed me that may now has 31 days… When did this happen? I was not at this meeting. I do not appreciate it when existence changes without my knowledge, let alone my say-so.

Positive Attitude? You’ve got to be kidding me.

I’ve been sick for the last two weeks. I’ve been sick and I’ve had problems with my left eye. I’ve been sick, had problems with my left eye and my laptop power adapter nearly caused a house-fire which rendered my laptop useless during the last stretch of Story A Day.

But I’m still smiling. Oh, by god, I’m still smiling. Read the rest of this entry

Story Twelve – The Great Motivator

These are old characters. They were created by Aaron and a few friends when they were in highschool. The original creations have changed over the years… For instance, MAX, used to be a large cybernetic duck. Yeah… ‘What the hell?’ is right.

It wasn’t looking good.

The ramps were blocked. Lazarus could see the traffic from the corner of his eye. His short, spiked, multicolored faux hawk was being torn apart in the wind. They were speeding in one direction, he was facing the other. He blinked, holding tight to the grips in his hands.

“Uh, hey boss, thay’s a prollum, huh?”

MAX shrugged the racist dialect.

“Here’s an idea, pipsqueak, you stick to what you’re doing and I’ll worry about the shit in front of us, kay?”

MAX’s face was calm. It was immoveable.


The interconnecting metal pieces could barely articulate speech. He hadn’t shown the stress when he’d noticed the lack of an exit strategy after this surprise chase started. He saw the other cars a long time ago. He had the benefit of driving, of being positioned in a forward facing direction, of being equipped with digital visual units. He was also not currently firing two large rotary pistols at the odd silvery, slithering creature chasing them. Read the rest of this entry

Odd question…

Has anyone ever read or written anything in future tense?

– Mommy


– Aaron Shively

Story Six – Employee of the Month

He wanted me to start this with “You asked for it.” But no one asked for anything. He’s an unknown and should always remain that way. In spite of his original grandiose idiocy some would call ‘showmanship’, he is correct about the statement which would have followed. This is a continuation of his Day Three story, Outsourced.

As a side note, I make an appearance in this story as your memory of the rules of your career… I did this under duress and I will be suing for reparations. You, the reader, will be included in this lawsuit. Expect contact from my lawyer. Read the rest of this entry

To protest or not to protest…

As children, we’re always told to ignore the idiots. Ignore the trouble makers, don’t give them attention and they’ll shrink and go away.

Well… Bullshit.

In our world of massive media and sole-focus on publicity and ratings, any tom, dick, and asshole can get all the attention they want.

Case-in-point: Westboro Baptist Church. Read the rest of this entry

Updates, callbacks and a new direction.

Those who read my blog pretty regularly tend to notice that tiny spark of what-the-shit-are-you-thinking(?) which I hold so dear. To elaborate and explain why I’m mentioning this… I’ve added a new project.

It’s called ‘Speechless’ and it’s a Young Adult literary fiction romance novel. I posted the first chapter, which I wrote in an hour on my phone, using the ‘swype’ input method so I wouldn’t wake my wife.

I’ve never written a romance… I’ve never written a YA… to be honest, I’ve never completed a Novel. My first was always meant to be MYTH: OMAM. BUT, it seems like a huge undertaking, not just for me, but for a prospective reader. The rise of interest in the chapter of Speechless (190 views in a half hour) seems to tell me that a YA novel may be accessible enough to get my name out and give me a writing credit. I’ve decided to write it in full and attempt to convince someone to publish it… by force…. muhuhahahahahahahahaha.

I’ll post up some information on speechless… until then, go read the first chapter, you’ll pretty much understand where I’m going with it. Of course, it’ll have twists and turns (how did he become mute?) but overall it’s going to be a bit simpler than my complex bulk of a fantasy universe called Myth.

Anyway. There’s more news from me.

I recently auditioned for a voice acting role for an animation project called ‘the Taffetas‘. A couple of college students created it and they’re hoping to pitch it to WB later this year. Unfortunately, the main character was taken but his arrogant, gruff, abusive, bear-like father was available… and… wouldn’t you know it? My voice is deep and growly and I apparently scared them with my improv. 😉

They’ve said I’ve basically got the role, they just want to hear it in a slight British accent. This may be a fun project… and I always want to get my name to studios, in any form.

I’ll be re-auditioning tonight. Wish me luck!

– Aaron Shively

Nikko’s whip ring and a thought on characters.

Characters are important to me. Literature gives allowances for poorly designed characters. You can argue with me, but it’s true.

You never see them.

A normal novel has intricate characters with great back story… ok, let me rephrase… a good novel has intricate characters with well-developed back stories. But compared to visual mediums, like comic books, the development stops at certain stages. Going further, to time-based mediums (animation, video games, film), you have a high degree of effort being put into every movement and facial tick a character has. Read the rest of this entry

LEARN TO DRAW IN 1,029,398,382.24012 EASY STEPS!

There are a lot of great videos, tutorials, books, and classes out there that teach you how to be a great artist and more specifically, a great illustrator… Well, they try.

They tell you that in a couple of weeks, you’ll be drawing like the pros and have the ability to make money from your own artwork.

But we have to look at this like adults, like businessmen/woman/hermaphrodites/transgender/asexuals.

The problem with their claim is that if it was actually working, they wouldn’t be doing it. Competition is everything to an illustrator… Sure, some of them have contracts, but they all want to be in demand for a long time. The quicker new artists reach a certain level, the more artists that reach that level at the same time, the higher the chance for one of their styles to become the next big thing. If you’re a comic book illustrator, for example, you have a style… Even if it’s not actually yours. The ‘greats’ have their own style, which influences others for years… If a great really had the capacity to teach a less talented person how to become as great as they are, they wouldn’t be great for long.

To become great at anything, you have to study, yes… But contrary to popular belief in our compulsory schooling society, you don’t have to study in an institution. They help, yes… They help with guidance, help and they also give you a mindset of seriousness. It becomes a ritual. The school becomes your temple. Read the rest of this entry