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The Fun Part

Here’s my personal philosophy…

Measure twice, cut once.

This does work for writing. Not everyone breezes through their first draft with little regard for pacing, sentence structure, paragraph breaks, readability, grammar, punctuation, etc. It’s the same for consistency in story-telling. For sci-fi and fantasy works, the mantra has to be refined.

Create a system of measurement, measure twice, create a cutting tool, then cut once.

The concept is done, the worlds are fleshed out, the peoples and places have been described. Maps have been drawn for continuity’s sake. My system of measurement has been set in stone and the eyeballing gave way to absolute relativism long ago.

I am at the point of creating a cutting tool and this is the fun part.

Developing characters’ method of action is giddily enough like playing god. Their voice, their personalities are the best part of everything.

I’ve gotten it in my head to do a character interview for Myth:OMAM which I will post here as soon as it is finished.

– Aaron


Oh look… an overture

This is not a finished product, by far…

I’ve been dabbling with music lately, when I can’t keep my mind focused on anything else… What better to do with music than to score the imaginary film to the book you’re working on?! DON’T JUDGE ME!

Here it is, so far… I think it sounds too happy. To me, it’s not nearly dark enough.

So what do you think?