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Myth excerpt chapter 2,2,b

This is a continuation of the excerpt from the last excerpt.

“I am Jaxial Douri’an-Kayl’ya Sa’anit’ag.”

His voice was official. There was no other way to say his speech of a name. It was so stuffy, so inaccessible. He lowered his head and whispered through a grin.

“I run this school.” Read the rest of this entry


Time wasters

I’m a big supporter of wasting time every now and again. It gives you an exhalation from work when you can do something that is more fun than productive.

My two major recreational activities are embarrassing as hell, to be honest. Read the rest of this entry

Myth excerpt chapter 2, 2

Again, an unedited excerpt from the expansions and revisions I’m doing on the content. This is just my process.

This is the second scene of the second chapter, it does not go to the end of the scene at all and is only here to provide you with snippets as I write… also to force me to keep this blog up to date and continue writing, I have set goals for myself. Posting excerpts is one of those goals.

Jax hated this hallway.

It was the interview wing. No one was sent here without some ulterior motive. No one sent here who wasn’t going to be scrutinized and judged.

Firan gave a quick shove into Jax’s shoulder. He whispered so the other child, a younger girl, couldn’t hear.

“This is your fault.”

Jax winced. He saw the bandages on his friend’s head. He remembered what it looked like underneath. He was truly sorry but not enough to take all the blame.

“I’m not going to argue this with you.”

Another shove came at Jax, this one softer and with a smile.

“I bet I can get reordined more times than you can without crying.”

Jax laughed though he didn’t quite know why. Read the rest of this entry

MYTH excerpt of new chapter 2

This wasn’t in the original chapter 1, which I am expanding into four chapters… It adds a bit more to Jax and the Aelphi as a whole. This is only a small snippet, not the whole chapter. This was written just a minute ago.

He stepped around Firan, grabbing his still moving, still fighting figures. His hand had to be stabbed by a small Goreatan dagger before he remembered they needed deactivating.

He took his highest authoritarian voice and filtered it through a hushed whisper.

“Stand down.”

They listened well. Of course, Firan’s creatures continued to attack. They knocked the Aelphi soldiers down and tried to bite into their hard, inorganic sides. They thought they were killing them. Apparently Firan had as well. He shot his hands into the air and gave a whooping yell of victory. Read the rest of this entry

a small myth revision excerpt

I am not normal… I do not finish, then revise. I, like dozens of writers from the age of the typewriter, have compulsions to revise a chapter or a scene until I’m happy with it. While I revise one, part of my mind is connecting what I write with the ideas I’ve already jotted down for another. This is how I connect characters, plots and motivations.

This is a small excerpt for the first edits of the first chapter of myth. Which I have enlarged and made 3-4 chapters. Most writers throw too much into their story to begin with and, like sculptors, whittle down into their work. I have always been more like a draughtsman, building up layers from a blank canvas.

Andial stood, the single oddity among his kneeling and shielded men, unprotected from the never growing promise of painful murder. His eyes alone were witness to the undulations in the abyss. He was the closest to the edge, closest to the light, closest to an immediate death. Yet he was seeing this fright with something deeper than vision. He felt them move. He felt his men quiver. Above all, he felt the weight of that single thought. He was a victim of the truth that he was staring into another and vastly more terrifying night. He could not escape the undeniable irony that the celebrated heralds of the Armies of Obeiron were about to be slaughtered with such utter lack of ceremony. Read the rest of this entry

Nikko’s whip ring and a thought on characters.

Characters are important to me. Literature gives allowances for poorly designed characters. You can argue with me, but it’s true.

You never see them.

A normal novel has intricate characters with great back story… ok, let me rephrase… a good novel has intricate characters with well-developed back stories. But compared to visual mediums, like comic books, the development stops at certain stages. Going further, to time-based mediums (animation, video games, film), you have a high degree of effort being put into every movement and facial tick a character has. Read the rest of this entry

LEARN TO DRAW IN 1,029,398,382.24012 EASY STEPS!

There are a lot of great videos, tutorials, books, and classes out there that teach you how to be a great artist and more specifically, a great illustrator… Well, they try.

They tell you that in a couple of weeks, you’ll be drawing like the pros and have the ability to make money from your own artwork.

But we have to look at this like adults, like businessmen/woman/hermaphrodites/transgender/asexuals.

The problem with their claim is that if it was actually working, they wouldn’t be doing it. Competition is everything to an illustrator… Sure, some of them have contracts, but they all want to be in demand for a long time. The quicker new artists reach a certain level, the more artists that reach that level at the same time, the higher the chance for one of their styles to become the next big thing. If you’re a comic book illustrator, for example, you have a style… Even if it’s not actually yours. The ‘greats’ have their own style, which influences others for years… If a great really had the capacity to teach a less talented person how to become as great as they are, they wouldn’t be great for long.

To become great at anything, you have to study, yes… But contrary to popular belief in our compulsory schooling society, you don’t have to study in an institution. They help, yes… They help with guidance, help and they also give you a mindset of seriousness. It becomes a ritual. The school becomes your temple. Read the rest of this entry

Myth Concept – Hartour Lantern

This is a far more utilitarian piece from me. I need to conceptualize the city of Hartour, the setting for the first chapter of Myth… So, the first thing I like to do is figure out lighting. What lights a city at night? Street lamps, duh.

© Aaron Shively 2011

This was made quickly, in about fifteen minutes. It’s meant to be a single piece of textured crystal with an emitter crystal in the ball at the top. An electric field is created by the spiral (which is fed by cords that feed into the base) that activates the crystal and engages it into emitting light.

I like it.

Do you?

Myth Concept – Jax

There’s a poor little rich boy in the first chapter of Myth: of Men and Monsters. His name is Jax. Even though the chapter ends pretty badly for the kid, he’s still a part of a huge aspect of the story.

He’s an Aelphi.

The Aelphi are an interesting species. Easily one of the least and most complex I’ve ever developed. They’re highly intelligent, tall, physically greater than their human counterparts (though never the two shall meet, sorry folks, none of you Homo Sapiens here) but they’re easily led. They have a strong ‘group’ mentality which leads them to have a greater focus on fitting in and spreading out. They follow the orders of their lord, Obeiron, to the letter. Obeiron is a title, by the way.

Obeiron holds god-like power, both literally and figuratively. The Aelphi don’t know how or why, or even who he REALLY is… but they worship as well as obey him as their ruler. It’s as if Jesus was president, that’s what I’m trying to get at. But it’s not… because Obeiron isn’t always the most benevolent. In fact, he’s downright Malevolent. As a matter of fact…

wait… no, I almost gave something away ;). Read the rest of this entry

The Great Length Predicament

They say that size doesn’t matter… but a lot of casual individuals see mine and they become put off by how large it is. I don’t know if they’re afraid they can’t handle it or if they have some sort of envy at the enormity of it.

I can’t help if it’s large.

It was just written that way. 😉 Read the rest of this entry