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Myth – Of Men and Monsters – Part 2 – Chapter 1 – Scene 1

Thought you guys might enjoy this. It’s an excerpt of what I’m working on right now.

Light filtered through her closed eyelids, washing the darkness in a warm ruddy pink. She held still as long as she could. A lingering sleepy thought crept through her slowly waking mind, convincing her that if she gave the others no reason to notice, she’d be left alone.

She had not slept well. Read the rest of this entry


Story Four – Ninety Nine

Funny enough…


Work sucks, let’s just get that out of the way.

I don’t want to go back and read your pages because I’m sure it’s going to be a year of me saying ‘work sucks’, ‘my boss is a dick’, ‘I want run away with the hot guy on the cover of the romance novel’, etc. That would depress me.

So I’ll pretend that the rest of you is more prolific. You are now retconned into an awesome and publishable collection of personal musings.

From here on out, this will be about my non-profressional, non-rut-stuck life. I will chronicle my loves, my hobbies and my great dreams.

I really can’t think of any of those at the moment. So I’ll tell you about my day after the suck-ass period of time I call ‘the hours’.

I went to my favorite diner.

This place is adorable. It’s one of those tiny fifties style eateries that serves whatever you want. They only have a few rules. Between 6am and noon, they only serve breakfast. After that, they serve everything except that.

I have my special seat, three stools to the left of the corner closest to the door. It’s not OCD or anything. That’s the seat right across from the kitchen. I get my food first. Read the rest of this entry