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May I Write of Heroes – #1: Haywire

Warning. There be some foul language. There also be some pirate language, but you be readin’ that arrrrready.

And a one and a two and a ready, let’s go…

Something odd.

That’s all I could think when he looked at me under his glasses, the kind with the thin wire frames. They were glasses you’d see on a general manager at Burger King. They didn’t match his pressed suit or his neatly combed hair. But that wasn’t it.

There’s something else about him. Read the rest of this entry


Character Interview – Claire Bo’Fauhn

This is Aaron’s secondary mind, reporting from the creative recesses of his psyche. We’re here with one of the main characters of Myth; of Men and Monsters. She doesn’t quite understand that she’s a character and she hasn’t gone through any of the events in the story yet, we’ve caught her the day before her first introduction.

Ms. Bo’Fauhn, it’s lovely having you here, are you comfortable?

Yes, very much so, thank you.

Wonderful. Let’s get started as I know you have things you need to accomplish. Can you tell us a little about yourself? Give us some history on you.

My name is Claire Bo’Fauhn. I’m sixteen years old, nearing the end of my Spiriling courses at the Byohar Tower Schools. I’m the daughter of a Ghirault, a nobleman from Fridinlay. Read the rest of this entry

The Fun Part

Here’s my personal philosophy…

Measure twice, cut once.

This does work for writing. Not everyone breezes through their first draft with little regard for pacing, sentence structure, paragraph breaks, readability, grammar, punctuation, etc. It’s the same for consistency in story-telling. For sci-fi and fantasy works, the mantra has to be refined.

Create a system of measurement, measure twice, create a cutting tool, then cut once.

The concept is done, the worlds are fleshed out, the peoples and places have been described. Maps have been drawn for continuity’s sake. My system of measurement has been set in stone and the eyeballing gave way to absolute relativism long ago.

I am at the point of creating a cutting tool and this is the fun part.

Developing characters’ method of action is giddily enough like playing god. Their voice, their personalities are the best part of everything.

I’ve gotten it in my head to do a character interview for Myth:OMAM which I will post here as soon as it is finished.

– Aaron

Speechless – chapter 2, scene 2 and 3

Aaron is being an ass and instituting a new rule. From now on, you won’t get full chapters of this story. This is the last time you’ll see anything of this length from Speechless… Even the excerpts will be shorter… They will be comprised of three letters taken from the fortieth word of every chapter. Those three letters may or may not be continuous. Have fun.

Ted left Brandon at the driveway. His hands were absolute in their orders.

{Stay here.}

Brandon was curious, enough for his own tools of communication to rise. He had started to sign something but stopped. A compromise was found in a confused nod.

Ted couldn’t stop thinking about the worst possible scenarios while he walked up the gravel driveway.

Who is he?

Where did you meet him?

What kind of loser is he that he wants to be friends with a mute?

His mother wasn’t the kind of person to pull punches, even on her own son. If she saw Brandon, she’d ask questions. If she asked questions, he’d answer her. He’d have to tell her the truth.

Mom, Brandon’s gay. He wants my virginity, but I’m just toying with him to learn more sign language.

He could imagine the heart attack as if it was happening right before him. Read the rest of this entry

Speechless – Chapter 2, Part 1

Aaron’s habit of posting before editing is going to kill him. No… wait… that’s me. 😉

Brandon laughed. Ted didn’t.

{It’s not funny.}

Walking and signing wasn’t easy. Ted wasn’t the most balanced and coordinated guy anyway. His shoe had caught on a raised, poorly laid sidewalk block.

Brandon finally let him go after catching him. He seemed a little to eager to grab him.

“Sure it is. It was actually kind of adorable. Like stuttering, but with your whole body.”

{Yeah yeah, shutup. Where did you live before you moved here?}

“We moved here from Vermont. Before that it was New York, that’s where I was born.” Read the rest of this entry