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Concept Preview – low poly creature

© Aaron Shively 2011

This is a not-so-simple creature made up of a surprisingly low poly count.

This is a Bull Daemon. Those horn protrusions all over its face are constantly dripping with a mixture of its own blood and saliva. It carries a dangerous virus and uses itself to spread the life-form.

If it wasn’t nightmarish enough… I’ll leave you with the idea that it used to be a neighbor… a  coworker… maybe even a friend. Read the rest of this entry


Imagined Nation Concept – Roger

The next in line for the character design machine is Roger, the less-than-wonderfully educated bogeyman living in Javier’s closet. He’s the third cousin, twice removed, of the other resident room haunter living under the bed.

Something be said about room haunters, they are never quite as scary in person… until you cross into their world…

© Aaron Shively 2022

This is by NO means a finished character sheet… just a quick sketch.

– Aaron Shively