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So… I might get to meet Stan Lee… Also, I’M BACK!

I’ve been away for a while, writing, entering contests, learning PHP and getting the Studio to corporate status.




The point to posting this is to tell you that I’ve made it to the semi-finals of the MTV and STAN LEE contest to find a writer for the new comic book called ‘The Seekers”!




Story Seven – The Continuity Issue

This was written on Aaron’s phone as he was staying the night at his parent’s house. No snarky remarks. I rather like this one. Edits were made. If you wish to point out a missed ‘boo boo’, go tell it to your mommy. 

As of this moment, Aaron’s new name is ‘Mommy’.

The hall sang back the clangs of my specialty boots striking its polished floor. Every armored window shutter rose, spurred to motion by the detection of my own headway towards the control room. As I walked, sunlight burst behind me. I might as well have had another special ability, beyond my strength and speed and nigh indestructible body. Instead of the moniker the newspapers had given me when I first flew through the city of Megannopolis, I could have been known as Sunburst or Morning man. Or maybe not. I never claimed to be creative. I dont have to be, I’m Commander Wow.

I’m an ultra hero. Read the rest of this entry