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Concept Preview – low poly creature

© Aaron Shively 2011

This is a not-so-simple creature made up of a surprisingly low poly count.

This is a Bull Daemon. Those horn protrusions all over its face are constantly dripping with a mixture of its own blood and saliva. It carries a dangerous virus and uses itself to spread the life-form.

If it wasn’t nightmarish enough… I’ll leave you with the idea that it used to be a neighbor… a  coworker… maybe even a friend. Read the rest of this entry


Nikko’s whip ring and a thought on characters.

Characters are important to me. Literature gives allowances for poorly designed characters. You can argue with me, but it’s true.

You never see them.

A normal novel has intricate characters with great back story… ok, let me rephrase… a good novel has intricate characters with well-developed back stories. But compared to visual mediums, like comic books, the development stops at certain stages. Going further, to time-based mediums (animation, video games, film), you have a high degree of effort being put into every movement and facial tick a character has. Read the rest of this entry

Myth Concept – Hartour Lantern

This is a far more utilitarian piece from me. I need to conceptualize the city of Hartour, the setting for the first chapter of Myth… So, the first thing I like to do is figure out lighting. What lights a city at night? Street lamps, duh.

© Aaron Shively 2011

This was made quickly, in about fifteen minutes. It’s meant to be a single piece of textured crystal with an emitter crystal in the ball at the top. An electric field is created by the spiral (which is fed by cords that feed into the base) that activates the crystal and engages it into emitting light.

I like it.

Do you?

Myth Concept – Nikko’s Dagger

This has far more of a place in the backstory… but it allows me to show you an example of improvement in the design process just within the few years I’ve been using 3D software to create weapons for the projects.

Here is the original:

© Aaron Shively 2009

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Kayle’s Crystal Saber

© Aaron Shively 2011

The ill-fated general Kayle had a single prized possession. It’s a high-grade, customized crystal officer’s sword given to him personally by the Aelphi’s Lord Obeiron.

The history of the emission-crystal technology is a special one. It was stolen. Read the rest of this entry

Myth Concept 3 – Nikko’s Scitex

There is a weapon known in myths. It is always an ultimate, always terrible, always sought after.

Eons ago, there was the archetype, the original horror. It was held in the hands of a murderous nightmare, fighting against the unending waves of blood-lusting invaders.

Made from the pure energy stolen from the beginning source. Inside this ethereal shell was a link to a dark, hungry void. Nothing escapes it. Once it is wielded, nothing lives.

© Aaron Shively 2011

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