the Pandora Dilemma

Quicklinks to excerpts and chapters

Chapter 1 – unedited

Chapter 2 – unedited

Chapter 3 – unedited

Chapter 4 – unedited

Chapter 5 – unedited

Chapter 6 – unedited

Chapter 7 – unedited

Chapter 8 – unedited (end of first installment)

Story information

Compared to most of my other ideas, this is an infant. My facebook friends can actually chronicle the development from a note I wrote on september 22 of 2010.

There are times when my health begins to degrade for no apparent reason. I spend days not knowing what’s going on, clutching my churning stomach, cradling my splitting head. It generally boils down to the third day, the day that the impulse strikes. I hear the trumpets sounding in my skull and scramble to find something to record my thoughts. I spill out five to ten story ideas before collapsing in an exhausted heap and falling asleep for an hour or two. This happens twice a year, at least.

I can tell you that most of the ideas are… Meh… alright. But one or two are almost invariably spectacular (to me).

A full length screenplay of mine, Nodders, came in one of these (literally) fevered trances.

A short novella series that I am currently working on was also the product of some strange synapse overclocking.

I call it the Pandora Dilemma

I’ll give you a small glimpse at the idea that started it all.

There’s something dangerous in Mr. Dawes

Dustin Dawes wakes up to his normal, boring life and goes to his normal, boring job. His day, however, becomes everything but average as he soon discovers his existence becomes a matter of public safety. The politicians and public converge on him and battle over what’s to be done. It’s up to us to decide whether Dustin is a victim… or a weapon.


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