I currently have over fifteen different stories ricocheting around my head right now.

Generally when one sees this stated in a blog, one can expect that most of these stories will be derivatives based on television shows and movies, if not blatant fan-fiction. One would probably expect that my fifteen stories could be whittled down to, at most three good original tales. One could also expect, simply from probability that only a single of those three stories has even the slightest chance at being published and even less of a chance at being well received…

Ya know what, one?

Go to hell. Who invited you anyway? I mean SERIOUSLY.

Is he gone?

Thank god.

Now I can continue.

To refute Mr. Namby-pamby-naysayer, I must explain that I do not get my ideas from scenarios or characters. I am inspired by concepts. Counterintuitive as it may seem, the ideas themselves, the things behind the finished products I observe, reproduce in my cranium and give birth to new ideas. My creative process is implicit rather than direct. I may watch a movie, read a book, listen to a song, even finish eating a meal and come out of the situation with a story that, if told, would make most normal folk question my correlative abilities. You can use the word ‘derivation’ with me as most of my ideas are sparked by what I observe, but I’ll be damned if you can say my work is derivative.

I’m not claiming to be the best writer in the world, hell no, far from it.

I am saying that my ingenious creative procedure far surpasses that of mere mortals. In short, you are all like teeny tiny little bugs to my lofty and gigantic developmental mind.

(I just know someone’s going to NOT get my humor here. Which is why I included this superliminal disclaimer. The overwhelming majority of you are not idiots and I’m sorry that I will, at times, need to pander to the outspoken and overrepresented mentally incapable. So, to commence the pandering: I do not endorse or confirm the directly preceding statement. It was included in this body of text to provide an arrogant kind of levity… Which I have now ruined.)

On this blog you will find snippets from a select few of my stories (as most aren’t capable of being published in this kind of venue). You will also be provided with updates concerning each project I let you guys preview.

I currently only have two active stories that I am continuously working on… That is Myth and the Pandora Dilemma. Within the pages of this blog you will find  excerpts, chapters, and whole pages. As time progresses, the content will grow and I will add more projects.

Happy Reading!

Aaron Shively

  1. Gabriela Lessa

    Any chance you’re finished with any of those MSs? If you are, there’s a new contest on my blog for finished MS, you should check it out. I remember I really liked your last entry!

    • … 😦 No. I took the last month to take part in Story a Day (write a short story each day in May). I succeeded but it took way from my planned finishing my speechless MS.

      Your comment here makes me both elated and horrified. I’m so happy you remembered me and my submission and that you enjoyed it… but I hate that I’m going to miss a contest! lol.

      I guess we can’t always get what we want.

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