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I’m a writer.

I enjoy writing, the flow of creativity from the mind through the fingers into whatever medium I choose. One of my greatest pleasures is to see my characters rise from nothing.

There is one part of the process which I do not like. I wouldn’t go so far to say that I hate it. It simply bores me. It’s editing and is the level I have reached with my short story collection.

… I’m falling asleep.

Tell me, if you write and edit, how the hell do you get through it?


Positive Attitude? You’ve got to be kidding me.

I’ve been sick for the last two weeks. I’ve been sick and I’ve had problems with my left eye. I’ve been sick, had problems with my left eye and my laptop power adapter nearly caused a house-fire which rendered my laptop useless during the last stretch of Story A Day.

But I’m still smiling. Oh, by god, I’m still smiling. Read the rest of this entry

I need help…

Professional help, yes, we know, Aaron.

Alright, I have no patience for you, so I am clicking your power button.

Wait, You ca–

I can and I have. So! Now to the topic at hand. is having a contest for all the participants. I’ll give you the slimmed down version:

The story needs to have been written in a day, during may, by a member of; it will be judged during the preliminary round by working editors and writers; only one submission per writer (of 2,500 or less or three submissions of twitter fiction, no more than 140 characters each); final round of judging will be placed in the hands of New York Times Best Selling Author, Heidi Durrow (The Girl Who Fell From the Sky).

My problem is the word count. Were it doubled, I would have a clear and easy route, picking Ashkii’s Spot for my entry. I feel it is my best one-shot story. BUT, it is over 5,000 words. So — fuck me in my ass and call me Barnaby — that just ain’t workin’.

Therefore, I have narrowed my choices down to three stories which are below the word limit… well below the limit, actually. Here’s where you come in.

I have nine days, excluding the current, to edit my entry. That means I have a conservative five days for you guys to get off your cerebral cortices and help me pick a story ;).


If you haven’t read them yet, please do so. They’re not long and won’t take a great amount of time. If you have read them, or are coming back from my completely rude and selfish suggestion for your involvement, please vote in the poll below.

Writing what you know Vs knowing what you write

There’s an old saying: Write what you know.

This has always bugged me a little. Write what you know? I want to write everything and, excluding a period in my teenage years, I’ve consistently come to the conclusion that I cannot possibly know everything. So. Either my goal was unachievable, or someone, somewhere had their wires crossed.

We grow older, as we do, and we simply grow. We realize that the world is made of subtlety. There are very few sharp edges in nature, as everything is made of atoms and molecules, things with mass and volume, however minuscule either of those measurements may be. Something cannot truly be pointed or edged because a point and edge end in a ‘point’ a theoretical specification of location which has a single x, y, z measurement and no mass or volume. To the best of my knowledge, nothing physical can be described as a ‘point’. So the point to my argument. There are no edges, no single differentiation between the supposed ‘black and white’. There are always gradations. We have only to look close enough to see their subtle natures.

We cannot take ‘write what you know’ literally. If we did, science fiction and fantasy could never happen. And if it still happened… I’d be worried about the mental health of the authors. To truly write what you know would be to limit yourself to your life and what you’ve experienced. I’m sure the originator, whoever it is, didn’t mean ‘write only what you know’ but the words still hit young authors’ ears and create a strange block.

I’d like to clear it up. Read the rest of this entry

Technorati verification


This is simply to verify that I am the person submitting this blog to technorati. I will be deleting this soon.

Hello, young Wizard.

Yeah, I’ve disconnected the HAL wannabe for a while. I wanted to talk to all the wizard 101 fans out there. Why? Because this blog isn’t about writing. It’s to chronicle my life and how I write. Down time is a part of that.

My downtime, as discussed in a previous post, is either spent working freelance projects (few and far between as of late), with my family (in real life), discussing business with my crew and collaborators or, on wizard 101. Read the rest of this entry

Thor and racial casting… From a crippled conscience

(WARNING, harsh concepts, adult issues, and total disregard of any shred of political correctness ahead… Veer left to avoid. Veer right to meet Rush Limbaugh… I don’t suggest veering that far right, really.) Read the rest of this entry

Novus Modus Operandi

While writing the Pandora Dilemma… I will post as soon as a scene is finished… No second looking, no revising, nothing. If I wish to rewrite it, I will do so and add a ‘version #’ at the end of the post title… The first with this new method will be up in a second.

Javier character design

SOOO… It’s done…

First round reinventing of Javier from Imagined Nation…


© Aaron Shively 2011

He’s supposed to be an undisclosed age from 8 to 11 years but be a little tall. He’s a misunderstood slacker who’s actually hiding a high IQ and unconventional ambitions… He wants to be the world’s greatest monster slayer… So what if people say monsters don’t exist? They won’t when he’s done with them!

The bracers on his wrists are from his grandfather, a leather artisan who always supports Javier in his dreams and fantasies… Or are they fantasies?

When push comes to shove and Javier is thrown into the mix with real mythological beasts, those bracers exhibit some pretty incredible powers… Is Javier’s grandfather really as obliviously enabling as he seems?

You’ll find out, right after this.

-break for commercial-

JESUS christ, it’s hard holding a smile for that long… Can I get a coffee? Sharon?


Where is that intern? I swear, we hire below college graduate and we expect… What? We’re… We’re still on? Are you serious?

Ah, crap…

Javier’s T-shirt design

So, the main character of Imagined Nation is a tad different from your normal comic-strip character. I’m trying to fit with current styles rather than making it really universal (a risk, I know). The first strip, the one that’s been posted, is a bit misleading as it covers every major show of his stylistic personality.

He’s a Mexican-American emo/punk metal enthusiast who’s made friends with his room’s bogey men…

I never make it easy for myself. 😉

© Aaron Shively 2011

This is the design for his  T-shirt which he always wears (sorry, I am going with the basic mechanism of the character always wearing the same clothes… there’s a joke in there about it..)

I’m almost done with Javier’s character design… will post soon.

-Aaron Shively