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James Cameron to PRODUCE ‘MYTH’ – EDIT

So, it’s out. James Cameron and the production team that brought Avatar to the big screen are in talks to bring out a new movie, ‘MYTH’. It was pitched to Fox as a premise and is yet to be written

Holy shit! That’s great, man! You’ve been working on Myth for 16 years! I can’t believe they’re making it into a movie before you write the books!

No. No, it’s not MY myth. It’s another myth. No one has any idea about the story yet, I’ve just been following the breadcrumbs laid by the companies.

So, it’s not your story? Aren’t you worried?

About what?

First and foremost, what do they say it’s about? Is there any news on that?

Yeah, sort of. They’re calling it a science fiction epic with lots of action.

… And you’re not worried?

Why should I be worried?!

Because it’s a science fiction action epic named MYTH… for god’s sakes, man, wake up and smell the coffee. They ripped you off!

Bull. There’s no evidence that anyone involved has heard anything about my story. I keep my premises hidden. Even what’s up on this site has little or nothing to do with the bulk of the story. My Myth has depth and layers. No one’s seen anything quite like it. My Myth isn’t just sci-fi. It’s drama and fantasy and gothic and a deep psychological look at what truly makes someone evil and if evil can ever really exist.

So, they ripped off what you put up. I didn’t say they’re going to do a good job with it.

It’s ridiculous to think that someone took MY idea. Who am I right now? Why would they be trolling through other people’s stories? It’s not my story.

Ok, ok. It might not be your story. But what then? It’s going to be a major blockbuster. If it keeps the same name, it will taint your story forever.

… Why the fuck do I keep talking to you?

James Cameron


The Fun Part

Here’s my personal philosophy…

Measure twice, cut once.

This does work for writing. Not everyone breezes through their first draft with little regard for pacing, sentence structure, paragraph breaks, readability, grammar, punctuation, etc. It’s the same for consistency in story-telling. For sci-fi and fantasy works, the mantra has to be refined.

Create a system of measurement, measure twice, create a cutting tool, then cut once.

The concept is done, the worlds are fleshed out, the peoples and places have been described. Maps have been drawn for continuity’s sake. My system of measurement has been set in stone and the eyeballing gave way to absolute relativism long ago.

I am at the point of creating a cutting tool and this is the fun part.

Developing characters’ method of action is giddily enough like playing god. Their voice, their personalities are the best part of everything.

I’ve gotten it in my head to do a character interview for Myth:OMAM which I will post here as soon as it is finished.

– Aaron

Myth Excerpt Chapter 2,2c

Jax opened his eyes. He saw Thorin. He technically felt her first. When they fell, she had toppled on top of him.

“Thank you, Jaxial.”

That voice was there again, pulling him along, inviting him somewhere he couldn’t imagine going.

He leaned up, forgetting where she was. Their lips met. It wasn’t a kiss. There was more surprise than action. They both separated. She slid across the hall and he bumped his head on a column, hard.

He saw the Interviewer throwing Firan off of her. He’d tackled her. He gave a wink before she jabbed him with her reordiner. He convulsed back in a strange moving mass of limbs. She hadn’t given him a mouth guard so the great shock of pain caused him to bite his lip. Blood trickled out of his still smiling mouth. He managed to stand and grab her hand while she was still pressing the large blue button. He wrestled her thumb from it’s place, relieving the jolts.

The Interviewer threw him on the ground and stuck him in the side again. Firan began to laugh. He was laughing! The woman stopped, more angry now than she had been. She whispered something to him. He stopped giggling.

She stood and stuck her sharp-pointed finger at Jax.

“Go. I don’t have time for you anymore.”

Jax scurried across the floor until he could rise to his feet. Firan waved to him, tears dropping down over a renewed smile. Jax didn’t know which emotion was the mask but he could guess the drawn back lips weren’t going to be given a reward for honesty.

He walked slowly, looking down at Thorin. She averted her eyes, staring at the heaving Interviewer lifting Firan into the room.

“And take the Low-Zoner with you. You’ll both get this some other day.”

Jax didn’t wait for the last of her words. He grabbed Thorin’s hand and scuffed the floor, running.

Myth excerpt chapter 2,2,b

This is a continuation of the excerpt from the last excerpt.

“I am Jaxial Douri’an-Kayl’ya Sa’anit’ag.”

His voice was official. There was no other way to say his speech of a name. It was so stuffy, so inaccessible. He lowered his head and whispered through a grin.

“I run this school.” Read the rest of this entry

Myth excerpt chapter 2, 2

Again, an unedited excerpt from the expansions and revisions I’m doing on the content. This is just my process.

This is the second scene of the second chapter, it does not go to the end of the scene at all and is only here to provide you with snippets as I write… also to force me to keep this blog up to date and continue writing, I have set goals for myself. Posting excerpts is one of those goals.

Jax hated this hallway.

It was the interview wing. No one was sent here without some ulterior motive. No one sent here who wasn’t going to be scrutinized and judged.

Firan gave a quick shove into Jax’s shoulder. He whispered so the other child, a younger girl, couldn’t hear.

“This is your fault.”

Jax winced. He saw the bandages on his friend’s head. He remembered what it looked like underneath. He was truly sorry but not enough to take all the blame.

“I’m not going to argue this with you.”

Another shove came at Jax, this one softer and with a smile.

“I bet I can get reordined more times than you can without crying.”

Jax laughed though he didn’t quite know why. Read the rest of this entry

MYTH excerpt of new chapter 2

This wasn’t in the original chapter 1, which I am expanding into four chapters… It adds a bit more to Jax and the Aelphi as a whole. This is only a small snippet, not the whole chapter. This was written just a minute ago.

He stepped around Firan, grabbing his still moving, still fighting figures. His hand had to be stabbed by a small Goreatan dagger before he remembered they needed deactivating.

He took his highest authoritarian voice and filtered it through a hushed whisper.

“Stand down.”

They listened well. Of course, Firan’s creatures continued to attack. They knocked the Aelphi soldiers down and tried to bite into their hard, inorganic sides. They thought they were killing them. Apparently Firan had as well. He shot his hands into the air and gave a whooping yell of victory. Read the rest of this entry

a small myth revision excerpt

I am not normal… I do not finish, then revise. I, like dozens of writers from the age of the typewriter, have compulsions to revise a chapter or a scene until I’m happy with it. While I revise one, part of my mind is connecting what I write with the ideas I’ve already jotted down for another. This is how I connect characters, plots and motivations.

This is a small excerpt for the first edits of the first chapter of myth. Which I have enlarged and made 3-4 chapters. Most writers throw too much into their story to begin with and, like sculptors, whittle down into their work. I have always been more like a draughtsman, building up layers from a blank canvas.

Andial stood, the single oddity among his kneeling and shielded men, unprotected from the never growing promise of painful murder. His eyes alone were witness to the undulations in the abyss. He was the closest to the edge, closest to the light, closest to an immediate death. Yet he was seeing this fright with something deeper than vision. He felt them move. He felt his men quiver. Above all, he felt the weight of that single thought. He was a victim of the truth that he was staring into another and vastly more terrifying night. He could not escape the undeniable irony that the celebrated heralds of the Armies of Obeiron were about to be slaughtered with such utter lack of ceremony. Read the rest of this entry

Example of my insanity

To the soundtrack of head hemorrhaging dark-rock (my own term, don’t google it) I’ve come to the conclusion that my Myth series will not be complete with the installments I have planned.

Here is what I had a few days ago:

  1. of Men and Monsters
  2. a Deeper Darkness
  3. Oldest Soul
  4. Crossroads
  5. Legends Rise
  6. Legends Stand
  7. Legends Fall
  8. Chiaroscuro Read the rest of this entry

Gone, but not forgotten.

Ok, so I’m not ‘gone’ either… sew me…

You read that right, sew me. Sew me like the wind.

Ok, I must be tired, I’m making tangential Three Amigos references.

On to the reason I’m posting this…

I am no longer a resident with my parents. Lakota is alive (in better health than I thought he would be but with the same prognosis). The reason I am not there is because of a conflict between a member of my family and myself… we couldn’t see eye to eye about a few things and to keep my sanity, I had to take a hiatus from my hiatus.

I plan to go back but I may not stay for extended periods of time. My initial intetentions are still in place but I am a pragmatist. I am helping no one if I am in a constant state of being pissed off.

As for my work, the kind that really matters to me as compared to the projects I’m given by some of my more ridiculous clients… Read the rest of this entry