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Something New


Which will be edited as soon as I can use more than my phone…

Oh, what’s that?
With what did I make the image?

I’ll give you a hint… it sorta rhymes with bone.

Alright, stop giggling at the word ‘bone’.

This is for myth, per my usual concept desgin train of thought.

Since I can’t edit the image caption on my phone, it is © Aaron Shively, 2011.

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Concept Preview – low poly creature

© Aaron Shively 2011

This is a not-so-simple creature made up of a surprisingly low poly count.

This is a Bull Daemon. Those horn protrusions all over its face are constantly dripping with a mixture of its own blood and saliva. It carries a dangerous virus and uses itself to spread the life-form.

If it wasn’t nightmarish enough… I’ll leave you with the idea that it used to be a neighbor… a  coworker… maybe even a friend. Read the rest of this entry