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Kayle’s Crystal Saber

© Aaron Shively 2011

The ill-fated general Kayle had a single prized possession. It’s a high-grade, customized crystal officer’s sword given to him personally by the Aelphi’s Lord Obeiron.

The history of the emission-crystal technology is a special one. It was stolen. Read the rest of this entry


Project Concept – Necromanced

My wife brought over my Wacom tablet today… I haven’t used it in a LONG time because of certain issues I’ve had with my ability to draw my own creations.

I sketched around and this came about:

© Aaron Shively 2011

It isn’t very finished, but I’m sure you get the idea… It’s far more like a storyboard panel than a full illustration. I sketch out my thoughts like this constantly.

On my ‘projects’ post, you’ll find an entry titled ‘Necromanced’. I’m not telling much about the story except that it’s not your usual zombie yarn.

This is an idea I had a while ago… A reanimated corpse with army rangers training.

His name is Saul.

He’s kind of pissed.


– Aaron Shively

Myth Concept 4 – Outdated Nikko

Since I’m stuck in a limbo of emotional turmoil at the moment, I’ve decided to let you in on the development process of Myth; where it’s been, how it’s going, where it’s going, etc.

© Aaron Shively 2005

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Myth Concept 3 – Nikko’s Scitex

There is a weapon known in myths. It is always an ultimate, always terrible, always sought after.

Eons ago, there was the archetype, the original horror. It was held in the hands of a murderous nightmare, fighting against the unending waves of blood-lusting invaders.

Made from the pure energy stolen from the beginning source. Inside this ethereal shell was a link to a dark, hungry void. Nothing escapes it. Once it is wielded, nothing lives.

© Aaron Shively 2011

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Imagined Nation #1

This was created a while ago… I fully plan on continuing it and I’m absolutely sure as to where I’ll go with it, but I’m just not sure when.

© Aaron Shively 2009

Myth Concept 2 – Althrian alphabet

I introduce you to the Althrian Alphabet!

© Aaron Shively 2011

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Myth Concept 1


© Aaron Shively 2011

Myth: of Men and Monsters is going to be very illustration heavy… as such, I’m developing every visual that is absolutely necessary… This is a concept for Nikko’s armor.

This concept has been developing practically as long as the character.

I’d tell you about the character, his species, this armor, his weapons and everything like that…  but… eh… Maybe.

– Aaron Shively