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NaNoWriMo and why I’m not doing it.

NaNoWriMo is, without a doubt, the olympics of writing. You have some great athletes, pulling out incredible performances… but the Michael Jordans and the Tiger Woods still get all the chicks (in Tiger’s case, that’s literal).


I would love to participate in the challenge. There’s no shortage of ideas, but there is a deficit in time.

I’m working on starting a business. No, not some multi-level marketing thing where I can ‘work from home’ and makes millions in my first week, all I have to do is send this guru thirty thousand dollars and then subscribe to every belief system he’s created.

I’m writing out the business plan and working on the product line of ERRANT Studios Inc., a new digital comics and book publisher focusing on, as the name would insinuate, a ‘different’ kind of entertainment. Basically, we’re talking about a publishing company manifested into reality and controlled by and geared towards creators and writers.

It will be ran as a business, focusing on quality. But our genres aren’t going to be so horribly restricted. We’ll accept different kinds of subject matter. And all titles we publish must be able to exist in the same universe. (We will have a different line for out-of-universe stories called Erratic.)

To do so, like I said, I’ve been working on the business plan. I’ve been developing our marketing strategy and doing research on various aspects of the industry. I’ve also created write ups of our member-owned products, describing in full detail their summaries, market analogies (what popular titles are they most similar to), how they are similar to those analogies, how they differ, and what innovations the product will bring to the table. (The business plan is to find investors willing to give us money to start this company… We need quite a bit.)

On top of all that, I need to write out the scripts for the graphic novels in which I have a personal stake. Normally our numbers are balanced between the CORE Members but out of the EIGHTEEN titles we have ready to go, I own part or all of  SIXTEEN.

This creates quite a predicament for me.

So I’ve come to announce that instead of taking part in NaNoWriMo, I’m going to do NaGraNoWriMo.

That’s right, National Graphic Novel Writing Month.

Not to be confused with GrannyWriMo, NanoRyhmo, NanoThighsMo, or BananaRhymo. (All of which are equally made-up.)

Of course, NaGraNoWriMo isn’t real. I made it up this morning while recovering from a headache. I don’t have the foggiest idea of where it came from.

No idea at all...

That being the case, I might as well take part in another fake challenge. I like the sound of BananaRhymo.

So here’s my entry:

Banana Extravaganza.

It’s not perfect. But, I have a month to perfect it.


Updates, callbacks and a new direction.

Those who read my blog pretty regularly tend to notice that tiny spark of what-the-shit-are-you-thinking(?) which I hold so dear. To elaborate and explain why I’m mentioning this… I’ve added a new project.

It’s called ‘Speechless’ and it’s a Young Adult literary fiction romance novel. I posted the first chapter, which I wrote in an hour on my phone, using the ‘swype’ input method so I wouldn’t wake my wife.

I’ve never written a romance… I’ve never written a YA… to be honest, I’ve never completed a Novel. My first was always meant to be MYTH: OMAM. BUT, it seems like a huge undertaking, not just for me, but for a prospective reader. The rise of interest in the chapter of Speechless (190 views in a half hour) seems to tell me that a YA novel may be accessible enough to get my name out and give me a writing credit. I’ve decided to write it in full and attempt to convince someone to publish it… by force…. muhuhahahahahahahahaha.

I’ll post up some information on speechless… until then, go read the first chapter, you’ll pretty much understand where I’m going with it. Of course, it’ll have twists and turns (how did he become mute?) but overall it’s going to be a bit simpler than my complex bulk of a fantasy universe called Myth.

Anyway. There’s more news from me.

I recently auditioned for a voice acting role for an animation project called ‘the Taffetas‘. A couple of college students created it and they’re hoping to pitch it to WB later this year. Unfortunately, the main character was taken but his arrogant, gruff, abusive, bear-like father was available… and… wouldn’t you know it? My voice is deep and growly and I apparently scared them with my improv. 😉

They’ve said I’ve basically got the role, they just want to hear it in a slight British accent. This may be a fun project… and I always want to get my name to studios, in any form.

I’ll be re-auditioning tonight. Wish me luck!

– Aaron Shively

Boyd Project update – phase 2

No one ever gets it absolutely right the first time… not if they work with humans who have a vision.

My friend has a vision.

He told me that my drawing was a “total piece of pig-snot wallowing monkey shit”. I may be paraphrasing.

I am paraphrasing, he said nothing of the kind.

© Character, Boyd Dodgen 2011. Image, Aaron Shively 2011.

I did, however, redesign it and he’s much happier with this version.

Most of the difference from the previous one is style… but there are some physical changes in the character that really stand out.

What do you think?



Errrrrr…. Poop… yes… poop… SO WHAT IF I SAID POOP! IT’S MY FILLER TEXT!!

– Aaron Shively

Boyd’s Project – Concept 1

A friend of mine by the name of Boyd sent me some info on a project he’s working on. I thought it was fascinating ,with a lot of potential.

Boyd is an interesting one, himself. He comes from an entirely different perspective than I do. I stay as far away as I can from things that may influence my pool of inspiration while he tends to immerse himself in them.

I’ve been developing Myth by bouncing things off of a lot of people but few have been quite as readily available and immediately responsive as he has. He has a knack for being as blunt as possible. He’s always been able to give me real feedback I can use rather than fluff-balled reflections of my own thoughts that a lot of others are more than willing to throw at me.

So, for that, I agreed to help him with his concept, of which I’m going to tell you nothing at all… because it’s not mine. See how that works there? xD

You only get my end of the deal. You get what I send back.

Concept © Boyd Dodgen 2011. Image © Aaron Shively 2011

And up there, right above this line you’re reading, is what I sent back to him the day after he gave me some info on his main character.

The character is his but the smoke-cape and the sword effect is mine. I thought it’d be interesting for the character to use his own smoke emission as an accessory. The sword is a more practical addition… It’s metal, metal heats up when in contact with fire… To me, that’s a gimme.

– Aaron Shively