May I Write of Heroes – #6: Kobul

Kobul never liked missions. Kobul never liked new place. Missions on new place were boring. Missions always had lots of waiting and watching. Never enough hunting. Kobul was a hunter. Kobul was best hunter. Kobul was strong. Kobul was fast. Kobul was smart.

Big two arm pink thing was with Kobul on rooftop. Ghost thing told Kobul and him to watch for food on roof. Food attacked Kobul all the time. Kobul was never hurt. Kobul always would win. But Kobul was never allowed to eat food that attack Kobul. It angered Kobul. On old place, Kobul would eat all the food that tried to hurt Kobul or people that looked like Kobul. Sometimes people that looked like Kobul was food. Sometimes people weren’t. It was always up to those people.

Big two arm stayed away from Kobul while on roof. It always happened that way. Kobul liked it that way. Big two arm thing was frightening. It was weird. Lots of weird things were on this place. Nothing was pink on Kobul’s old place. Two arms didn’t have barbs or hair, except for on the two arms’ soul. Two arms were weird.

Ghost thing took small two arm thing down with dark two arm thing. They looked at junk. Ghost thing was always looking at junk. Kobul always want ed to say to throw away the junk, get rid of the junk. It was junk. It just made sense.

Ghost thing put little tiny arm into piece of junk while other two arm things act like they are not watching the sky. Two arm things knew the sky knows they were watching. Why did two arms play a game with the sky?

Kobul hung on the wall, not using claws. Kobul was quiet, like always. Kobul saw the shadows move first. Kobul knew it was food watching us. Kobul didn’t attack. Kobul never liked to sneak up on food. Better for food to come to us.

Kobul made the blades lift up on Kobul’s back and arms and face. Kobul was ready. Kobul was always ready.

They went after little two arm things on the ground. Dark two arm turned blue when they tried to hurt him. Lights that the food sent out would bounce off of dark two arm. Dark two arm was strong. The lights from food were strong. They burned. Littlest two arm thing went around dark one and used blades on the food. She was fast. She was quiet, like Kobul. She was a pretty good hunter.

Ghost thing yelled to attack. Big two arm and Kobul knew what it meant. It meant for us to go after food. Kobul jumped from the wall. Kobul turned while falling and pushed off of the square tree. Kobul’s back hit a group of food. They fell down and hit the ground. Kobul laughed.

Big two arm was a good hunter. Big two arm swung the big hammer and hit a lot of food. They all fell and didn’t stand up. They crawled away. Kobul and others have to let them crawl away. Stupid rules.

Ghost thing’s shoulder lights turned on. Food caught on fire and fell and then the fire went out. These food weren’t very strong.

One big food went after dark two arm. The food had a large light shooter. The food shot dark two arm many times and dark two arm fell over. Dark two arm was afraid. Kobul thought dark two arm might have been a child.

Kobul’s arms grabbed the food and tossed it into square trees. The walls of the trees broke apart and cut the food’s arms.

Dark two arm rolled away and got up. Two arms weren’t very good at getting up. Kobul was good at getting up.

Ghost thing grabbed a piece of junk from the ground. It put the junk in one of its mouths and then its feet lit up. It floated away fast.

Big two arm yelled at Kobul. ‘Get in moving egg’, it said. Or something like that. The thing that spoke in Kobul’s mind never worked right. It made everything sound stupid. Maybe two arms always sounded stupid. They always looked stupid.

Kobul and big two arm followed the moving egg of littler two arms back to big square tree. Ghost thing was already there. We did good, ghost thing said. Old two arm would be happy. Kobul was glad about that. Old two arm saved Kobul when old place caught fire and left. Kobul missed old people that looked like Kobul. Kobul missed them a lot.

Kobul tapped one of Kobul’s arms on the ground. Four quick taps and two slow taps meant that Kobul would go to the nest. Kobul spent too many beats fighting the fake food in the big food room before the mission. Kobul was ready to sleep. Ghost thing didn’t need Kobul anymore, so Kobul was allowed to go.

Dark two arm came closer to Kobul. It said something quieter than the thing that speaks in Kobul’s mind could hear. Kobul tapped Kobul’s head. Big two arm said, ‘goat, spider can’t hear you, say something louder’. Big two arm called people weird names.

Dark two arm spoke louder then. He said, ‘Thank you, Kobul. I’m glad you stored me’. Kobul thinks that the thing in Kobul’s mind wasn’t speaking right again. Kobul knew what he meant. Kobul tapped dark two arms on one arm. Dark two arm must have been a child two arm. Only children would say things like that. But it made Kobul happy. No person thanked Kobul except for old two arm. Even then, old two arm was master of Kobul, so it wasn’t the same thing as being thanked by equal people. Kobul liked dark two arm after that, even if dark two arm was weird.

Kobul went to nest. It wasn’t far. Kobul liked being near the hole of the big square tree. It was easier to be ready for new missions. Better to get them over with quicker than slower. Kobul slept well after eating allowed food. Allowed food never moved. Allowed food never attacked. Kobul didn’t like allowed food, but at least Kobul could eat it.


About Aaron Shively

I have been working as a freelance writer and artist for the last decade. In that time, I've done everything from ghostwriting to toy design and everything in between. I am currently working on a novel series called 'Myth' which has held my attention for the past sixteen years. I have spent my time developing the world, character and story and am now ready to funnel all the preliminary material into the manuscript of the first installment, 'of Men and Monsters' Bookmark & Share

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  1. I love this. I like it when I have to figure out whose head I’m in 🙂

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