Hello, young Wizard.

Yeah, I’ve disconnected the HAL wannabe for a while. I wanted to talk to all the wizard 101 fans out there. Why? Because this blog isn’t about writing. It’s to chronicle my life and how I write. Down time is a part of that.

My downtime, as discussed in a previous post, is either spent working freelance projects (few and far between as of late), with my family (in real life), discussing business with my crew and collaborators or, on wizard 101.

Which brings me to my purpose here.

A new world has opened.

For those of you that don’t play, don’t worry about this. For those of you wizards out there that have taken grizzleheim by storm… you probably already know what I’m talking about.

So. Why am I posting? Because I’m observant, that’s why! In yo face!

There are some tiny changes that you may not quite see at first glance.

First off, in the new additions department, we have the frost goblins. These suckers are the most absolutely perfect combination of creepy and cute. Firstly, they’re pink.

Secondly, they’re about the size of a fire elf (again, if you don’t know what I’m talking about, expect to continue being in such a state). Watch when they cast the ice kraken… the water will rise all the way up to their noses in a sort of frightening impression of killroy. When you hit them, they fall on their butts. When you defeat them, they waddle around a bit and fall over in what appears to be a drunken stupor.

They have their dark side, however. They are ice, so I expected tower shields… but this is ridiculous! They pop some on every two rounds! If not for that, they’d be ridiculously easy….

Insane shielding and massive multi-attacks (myth imp) seem to create a pattern which I assume is going to flow through all of winter tusk.

There are new lower level spells, too. I’m unsure as to whether I have all of my new ones or not. My highest character is a balance school wizard and they a series of spells that come in pairs, the elemental cards and the spirit cards. The new spells for level 35 are both, I think, elemental and spirit dispel. They are both the same level pips and do, essentially, the same thing.  I received them both on the same quest but have not hit anything that tells me how to get my higher backspell.

Alyssa is a life school wizard and received a spell that removes damage over time. She is only a few levels lower than I am but it is enough of a difference to moot the fact that she only received one.

I believe there’s a change to the animation of a few spells. Sprite, for instance, may have a different symbol on it’s over time icon.

Rebirth has definitely been altered. Before the update, bartleby would simply appear in front of each character, heal them, then move on. The application of the absorbs was obstructed by his foliage because the camera was looking down.

During the casting since the update, bartleby shakes when healing someone. The casting seems slower than before and as it ends, the camera stays focused on the last player affected. The absorbs are then attached while we view bartleby’s smiling face. Overall, its much more pleasant and smooth.

There are a few more additions, like the ability to release your mount in your house. Crab alley is back… haven’t been yet but I will soon. There are some pretty powerful battle drops and new gear all around (some of which signifies 60+ level requirement… allusion to a soon to be expansion?)

That’s all I have for now, my spellcasters. Go forth and gain powerpips!

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