Myth excerpt chapter 2, 2

Again, an unedited excerpt from the expansions and revisions I’m doing on the content. This is just my process.

This is the second scene of the second chapter, it does not go to the end of the scene at all and is only here to provide you with snippets as I write… also to force me to keep this blog up to date and continue writing, I have set goals for myself. Posting excerpts is one of those goals.

Jax hated this hallway.

It was the interview wing. No one was sent here without some ulterior motive. No one sent here who wasn’t going to be scrutinized and judged.

Firan gave a quick shove into Jax’s shoulder. He whispered so the other child, a younger girl, couldn’t hear.

“This is your fault.”

Jax winced. He saw the bandages on his friend’s head. He remembered what it looked like underneath. He was truly sorry but not enough to take all the blame.

“I’m not going to argue this with you.”

Another shove came at Jax, this one softer and with a smile.

“I bet I can get reordined more times than you can without crying.”

Jax laughed though he didn’t quite know why.

They had been grabbed in the field by a professor. They were young enough for a single adult to separate and subdue them but old enough to cause minor injuries. Jax was normally very well behaved. He sincerely liked the teacher but it was his fist that caused the man’s nose to fracture.

Reordining was something that had been accepted by the Aelphi youth. Jax was horrified when he first learned of it, adults causing the students calculated pain through a wicked looking device. He had never wanted any part of it. He had never been threatened with it’s jarring purpose until now.

Firan was a different case. He was in and out of this hallway multiple times a season. With that frequency, Jax had to wonder at the usefulness of such a system. Of course, if he had questioned it outline, he’d be subjected to it anyway.

The girl was an interest though, Jax hadn’t seen her before. In class it was customary for the males and females to be separated. The girls sat on the floor and the boys in the balcony.

But during breaks and when they waited to be retrieved by their parents, they were free to socialize.

This girl was new to Jax even from those integrated sessions. She was different. She bore the darkened skin of a low-zoner. She had been raised on an outpost world, one like that of the Jil where there hadn’t been an intelligent dominant creature.

Those worlds were pitiful and falling apart. Nature was overrunning and the planets called out for cultivation. Obeiron’s forces answered, putting royal families and their workers in charge of building great cities and tilling the land into something useful. But the land had its way with those caretakers. Through generations, their offspring took different shapes and colors. The most common were the dark shades.

The children of the higher borns were sent to more advanced worlds to gain access to better schooling. Though Hartour was a new city, it benefited from being on an old world. There was a people here with society and art and learning. This planet known as Thalkith was home to a decidedly barbaric people but they were still people. The Aelphi weren’t here to start the place anew. They were here to build on what they created, to help them. They were here to spread the word of Obeiron. Far more resources were put towards this end and that, inevitably, brought the best of everything.

He realized that this girl was an import, probably new. Questions sparked in his head. He adored the novelty of learning about people. His head was always full of wheres and hows but more importantly, the whys.

He leaned past Firan and touched his thumb to her shoulder. She smiled. At least her home world was advanced enough to understand commonly accepted greetings.


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